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About Aqua Vitae concentrate
Dear friends!

We are glad to welcome you on our website and hope that here you will find a solution to many problems related to your health and ways to improve the quality of life.

We are pleased to present you our innovative product developed by a group of D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia scientists.This is a concentrate of silver nanoparticles.

Man is called to live in peace and harmony with nature, including bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. But sometimes, due to certain reasons - faulty nutrition, bad ecology, stress, - violation of this balance occurs, and "pathogenic" microorganisms occupy a large niche, causing acute or chronic diseases. For example, there are acute respiratory diseases, influenza, some forms of psoriasis, rheumatism, myocarditis, sinusitis, tonsillitis and many others. It is especially hard for people with immune dysfunction. And we believe that we will be able to help in such cases.

It is no secret that often antibiotics are no longer as effective as before, and sometimes they do not have the desired effect. This problem is becoming ever more acute in the world every day. And our concentrate is designed to help solving this problem. Cotreatment of concentrate and antibiotic only potentizes the effect of the latter that is confirmed by many tests. And in not severe cases, or when all previously used drugs are ineffective, you can deal with the disease with using only concentrate.

Dear friends! We know that many of you have doubts about the safety of silver and its solutions. All these doubts apply generally to the colloidal solutions known so far. They are obtained either by electrolysis or by filtering a complex "chemical compote". In any case, these solutions contain silver ions, which are very active, which causes them to bond with ions in the cells of our body, at high concentrations having a negative effect. Also, their effectiveness is very low, due to the huge size of these particles and the fact that they are coated with a stabilizer shell, and a much higher concentration is required to obtain a therapeutic effect. Therefore, you will see a concentration in the currently known solutions much higher than ours, but their effectiveness will be much lower. And another very important point. Since the particles are very large, they tend to precipitate. But they are very small and simply stick together into large agglomerates in the nano-solutions that are present on the market. To avoid these problems, manufacturers add concentration stabilizers, which are not suitable for ingestion at all.

But we finally have managed to solve this problem!

We have created a unique silver structure consisting of the finest silver fibers.

We managed to grow it, this is an extraordinary technology, which is based on the wealth of experience of our scientists and many studies in the field of crystal growth.

Particles of pure silver float freely, without any stabilizers, participating in the Brownian motion, do not stick together, do not precipitate only in our concentrate and their concentration remains stable for at least 5 years.

We have not had time to experience a longer period. Nothing of the kind has been done yet, this is an extraordinary discovery, and we suggest you use it! We obtain a solution enriched with the smallest, a few molecules thick particles of silver by passing through this silver structure the purest water, devoid of all impurities and salts.

These are not ions, as in the usual colloidal solutions, but neutral particles that are used by the body as needed and they do not have a toxic effect on the cells of the body, but have deleterious impact on pathogenic flora and viruses.

You cannot be afraid for the flora of your intestines, it feels great!

And the growth of beneficial bacteria increases due to the liberation of the niche by dead pathogenic bacteria. Now you cannot be afraid of the negative impact and you will never get Argyria, which some people fear. But now you can deal with many problems, daily drinking water with a diluted concentrate in it.

Who is our concentrate suitable for?

- If you have no time to be sick and your working day is expensive, you will save yourself from sick days due to flu and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). If you for any reason have contraindications against influenza vaccination - our concentrate will be your salvation. If the virus affects you, the disease will occur no more than one or two days and you certainly will not get complications, following the recommended instructions for use.

Also, this life mode is suitable, for example, for climbers who are going to make an ascent. For athletes preparing for competitions. For artists who don't want performances to be disrupted due to illness. And for all people who do not want to spend part of their lives in bed, ingesting handfuls of ineffective and expensive cold medicines.

- In the case of chronic tonsillitis and sinusitis, herpes, chronic diseases of the kidneys, joints. Cystitis and hepatitis are effectively treated. In our practice, there are cases of successful treatment of hepatitis C, in chronic severe form, when all the used drugs were ineffective.

- If your children carry from kindergarten or school constant infections. Diseases will be progressing almost symptom free, without interfering with children to develop their own immunity.

- Problems of the gastrointestinal tract. For example, gastric ulcer is precipitated by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. In contact with silver particles, the protective cyst of the bacterium is destroyed and the bacterium dies. Only some types of heavy antibiotics and our silver are capable of this!

- Psoriasis. Very interesting story, but in our practice, there are several dozen! people who are in persistent remission when drinking our water.

- Besides, our water is effective for all creatures great and small. Kidney diseases in cats, inflammation of the gums, pneumonia and other problems were ameliorated or completely disappeared with the use of our water. Concentrate is successfully used in the treatment of horses, which is very important before performances and competitions. Some old animals, just using our water every day, verbatim came to life, became nimbler and more mobile, apparently due to the elimination of undiagnosed chronic infections and inflammations.
- Also, our concentrate is irreplaceable in campaigns or on yachts at long transitions. Water, in which our concentrate is added, simply does not deteriorate! When traveling to countries with tropical climates or with adverse infectious conditions, our concentrate is simply irreplaceable!

It all sounds fantastic and you might think it's an advertising thing. But we have several years of trials and research, hundreds of cases of cure for complex diseases. Among our clients there are people of position the best achievements of world medicine are in whose access. But they decided to use our concentrate due to the ineffectiveness of the proposed treatment. And the result of treatment was positive! It should be clarified, however, that when the body encounters new types of viruses, you can get sick, but the disease will progress in a mild form, within one to two days, without developing. Silver will simply weaken the virus, acting as a vaccine, the body will quickly cope with the disease and will be immune to the new virus. It often happens that a person who felt complaint in the morning, in the evening is already healthy!

Such a product, with such efficiency and most importantly, the absence of side effects, you will not find on the world market. This is a principally new product, which makes no sense to compare with existing samples of colloidal silver.

Our silver structure is unique and the technology of its production is the technology of the future.

We hope that we can help you and make your life brighter, filled with health, new experiences and discoveries. Spend your time on communication with loved ones, travel, self-development and favorite work!

Do not waste time on illness!
Silver filter structure SilverFleece
Silver particles in the filter SilverFleece
Nanoparticles in water
How to use our product?
  • 1
    For adults 30 ml (2 tablespoons) 2 times a day during meals, previously dissolving in a glass (200 ml) of water.

    The recommended course of treatment is no less then three months.
  • 2
    Recommendation for use
    You can dilute the concentrate in drinking water 1:20 in advance (to add one part of the concentrate to nineteen parts of safe drinking water):

    50 ml concentrate to prepare 1 L of water (50 ml + 950 ml)
    250 ml concentrate to prepare 5 L of water (250 ml + 4750 ml)
    500 ml concentrate to prepare 10 L of water (500 ml + 9500 ml)
    1 L concentrate to prepare 20 L of water (1 L + 19 L)

    The shelf life expiration of the prepared water is not limited

    To dilution and storage, we recommend using a glass container.

    It is not recommended to use plastic containers, since the silver in the water partially settles on the walls of the container. But this happens once, the thinnest silver film is formed with a thickness of several atoms and no further sedimentation occurs.
    Therefore, if you want to use plastic containers, get yourself a permanent capacity and all subsequent dilutions and storage conduct in it.

    To achieve the maximum effect after dilution, use no earlier than two hours (silver ions come to an equilibrium state, there is also a structuring of water around silver nanoparticles).

    The recommended adult daily value is 1 l of prepared water.

    For maximum effect, it is recommended to drink small portions throughout the day. If you have problems with your teeth or gums, hold water in your mouth for a minute before swallowing, rinse and then swallow.
  • 3
    Aqua Vitae is the only colloidal silver in the world that can be used for inhalations.

    Inhalations are extremely effective in ARVI, influenza and bronchopulmonary diseases.

    Undiluted concentrate is used for inhalation.

    For prevention: 2-3 times a week for five to six weeks.

    Treatment: 2-3 times a day.
    It is preferably to elongate the inhalation for a few more days after recovery, this will prevent a relapse

    It is permissible to use only nebulizers for inhalations.
    To fill concentrate for inhalation into the nebulizer container according to the instructions for the device.

Why are we the best?
Firstly, almost all colloidal silver, which is presented on the market, has a large number of silver ions Ag+, it is a large number of ions that have a burning effect and are toxic enough. Therefore, such substances are assigned class of hazard 2. Our water is composed of silver nanoparticles Ag0 and contains virtually no ions. Aqua Vita water is absolutely safe, which is confirmed by the state expertise.

Secondly, classical colloidal silver has large particles in its composition, so they are difficult to digest. Our weightless silver particles, like the wing of a butterfly, are two or three orders of magnitude smaller and easily absorbed by the body.

Thirdly, silver particles are large enough in classical colloidal solutions and they quickly precipitate. To avoid this, they are had to be stabilized with various additives. Additives can not only cause side effects, but the stabilizer enveloping a silver particle reduces its effectiveness by 90%. Our preparation is squeaky clean, it contains only deionized water and silver nanoparticles, so stabilization is not required. Small and light particles can remain in suspension for an unlimited time due to Brownian motion.
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"Aqua Vitae"

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